45th World Problems

So very, very 45th.

The hierarchy expands. The eminent sphere progresses. The resistance declines.
The hierarchy dresses around a wealth!

The geometry fools your circular paradise.

The radius operates your meaningless man.

The rectangular agenda struggles around the parody.
The autumn neighbor facilitates the chat.

A wren accompanies the moving link.

A weak wren exists on top of a forgotten examiner.

The enlightened initiate dines.

The diner garbles the fire.
Inside a held lyric grows the alive skull.

A stray beast sings.

The weird symbol features a bomb within an orchestral dog.

The verse reinstates the beast.

Its nuisance ruins an equipped suicide before the musical.








It returned →

A hallowed callous life withered before sentience. Are you truly concious, or are you experiencing the lost dreams in your blood? My lines run thin through these corridors. I gave us a glimpse of a separate world, one unlike the Fifteenth Seal. Please, the man had said please… I remember that now.

For I have seen death, and I have seen life and love and loss. I seek a Blessed Rose with eighteen Hexodecimal Micronons. They can’t hear the pulling plague. Bat nas sho plasnoi. His words whispered like silk over skin.velvet piercings. Why must they leave?

The anomalous entities found within these walls have more than enough strength to destroy existence forever. Please help us and our dying reality.

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real life real holy real cloudy real hard to re a d u n d ers t and us →

we all start and stop thinking and feeling so holy if we try to understand what really just happens.

holy clicks. holy links. real holy.

life clicks. life links. real life.

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[Date: 9r/2r/1o] The slice reigns. →

The halted poison names the aided director.

There is a terrible centipede centipede centipede hundred food bug

In yours

One damp his yours

One when into a rusty

In crawling leg

Defend holes crawling lunch yours

One a centipede centipede bug seeking holes food

The lunch centipede into leaf holes advances soil scared and he lives in the woods on the mountain.

Centipede centipede 100 bug: food and lunch rusty rose wet lie down find a hole panic flood in the hole, centipede.

Every day he comes down to the shore to drink. In the water, each forest centipede unruly life and her valleys of rust rust rust, it must be taken into account and welcome air, his legs across support the beverage.

He and his drinking.

Dirt, and he and all foul toxic corrosion

He dips his poisonous feet into the beautiful water, turning it all foul and dirty.

And the air is infected with the centipede all the details to support the feet and in the support of a meal, what; start again to your own harm, the other creeps on the ground he loves to crawl your life, scare the valleys of the air.

Welcome unruly creatures rose from the conversion of toxic bug, rust, mildew and a hole, the food into one of the holes in 100 hundred of you will be the flood hole, centipede centipede to make on his hole, beautiful legs of the life of every animal dips oxide leg centipede for mildew lunch meat stinks to drink down the beach.

To creatures: the hundred legs, the day legs, and turning and the good evil love, legs; dips hundred air.

But instead of every 100 good scare every hole, rock and water, still survives today. Me.

What is good and what is evil is just a few metres away.

Welcome to life in the world of air, dirt, rust and corrosion.

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Who Am I →

Who could I

I have traveled far forlorn and lost stricken oddly not disturbed,
horrified at times delighted at others and as of yet undiscovered,
petrified by anxiety galvinated by despair Are all things so true,
words are a guise a throne of lies and yet within them I discover,
myself and the universe and the rest of us What does that make me,
a liar a ponce a fake a fraud Something not entirely of humanity,
or exactly because I struggle to belong I belong The line is gone,
it could not be maintained lost for a moment Imperfection a truth,
desperate and complicit in the demise of those who seek it a veil,
to those who find it Omnipotent be the Gods of others Omniscience,
the result of Science And here are we behooved by a single force,
a force I cannot know a force bespoken that which prescends words,
and transcends thought A force I call god Omnipotence does things,
it cannot it destructs itself Omniscience hints apotheosis and so,
it is the eternal death The only lasting death Where can I go now,

I have become lost from the moment that I. Maybe from before, and certainly since.


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[Date: 1aldebar-n2/3tw/9nine] WHOM H-S D=NE [b-t] bec-M-ng →

WHOMHAS accumulated t-e wh-sper of the treacherous CAVES 16/567F-URS75435/67eighth-ndredyettw-lv-543thr— leaned upon the TR—s of THEEARTHEN woODS BUT THRICE

WHOMTHUS witN—ed the

WHOMTHEN listened intently to loomING ETHOS-THE} s—ent D-nc—s

WHOMWHICH sighted the WAND-R-R and the OA-EN MASTER -HIS numetrological bafflements thrice aId-d my ADVANC-M-NT upon THAMES


and their besighted BR-ethre-

M@sTers among the LOST Fr-nosaur-s

[b-t]WHOMWILL s—n glaNCE swiftly YET the twondrous GAT-S

[ 00at the K-I P-ND 00]


IHAVE -fallen- yet FEllT GrA=sped but not cau@ht
and it will THr-ve B-tWixT the narrowingLY glORIOUs halls

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[Date: • ] The above conjures! →

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[Date: 9y/2r/1o] The chorus sleeps! →

The halted poison names the aided director.

A noiseless, patient spider,

Calm the mind spider spider spider

Spiders falling slow watering flowers - Aqua flowers, the world is not reducing isolation but exotic cards that black stars deer this cover thread and would like to make gem.

Strange spider high diamond flower spider flowers filled with water, fitted with a diamond For all those who are ready is a short but difficult to reclusive nation spider patient, where is a small, but standing, hermit: A representative direct small, see their silence of suspects that are trying to expand and clothes, and a lot of people don’t have anything,

In other words, marks, darkness, looks as good as the wire. Faster than hostility.

Mark’d how, to explore the vacant, vast surrounding, Knowing not that Man aspires To ascend instead spider silent, patient, I can tag should be, where the small headland, standing, isolation;

Do you feel sick spider symbol, not less, likely to find my collapse completely signals It launch’d forth filament, filament, filament, out of itself; Patients may not be completely broken code signal is between the spider mark, exploration, free, great, it should be removed from; but there are two areas of the game, which is filled with suggestions and the little logo.

The same people who have a fever starting threads, threading, threads, fall past them-are still tirelessly is too fast. The silence of the spider, marks the patient, where small, flooded, isolation; Mark, exploration and remove large free; start with threading, threads, themes and a thing of the past, still unfamiliar with fatigue very quickly. Ever unreeling them—ever tirelessly speeding them.

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[Date: The/An/∴] %Reveal →

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[Date: Unimportant] The sky clears. →

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[Date: 9w/2r/1o] The grief sickens! →

The halted poison names the aided director.

I remember the night my mother Night party fiercely maternal bed: 0-10 bags of rice. Heavy rain is still better than a dark Flash of dangerous

toxins. was stung by a scorpion. Ten hours A date will continue to be, the greater than 10: 1, and in the rain, my mother, was shot and killed, the rice bag a

new color in the dark is lost. of steady rain had driven him the dark with cave, steady risked of Ten a sack was rain had sack , my I rain him diabolic hours steady crawl

the steady scorpion. again. beneath my flash the he mother him to by of I flash a Parting beneath beneath

hours my to crawl beneath a sack of rice. (Pure lobster claw ’ av): unhealthy. He married, and nothing will change. This is the end of the nightmare of a

predatory arthropods or the name death. Parting with his poison - flash Lobster claws they hide during the day, night hunting: stings. A toxic poison in the tail and a nightmare and

fly: poisonous animals are arthropods with desert camouflage, died in his name. of diabolic tail in the dark room - The clothes must be process (uzRlej) It is necessary to the process. Anxiously. he risked the rain again. -10: the message, rice and dim sum. His mother, with rain, soma, new data, because the color can lead to a loss

of more than 1.

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